Memos & Publications

Our Memos and Publications

Have a look at our submitted memos, reports and other publications and learn more about the work we do at pathways.

Tupepee Kwenda High School

Change is inevitable, this statement, heard so many times whenever a big decision is faced is
true but that fact does not necessarily make the change aforementioned easy, especially when
this ideal is presented to a child going to high school.
The Tupepee Kwenda High School is a program that aims at preparing students transitioning from primary school to high school by equipping them with information that will ensure their transition to high school is smooth.

Pathways Policy Institute Semi-Annual Report

While COVID-19 pandemic was doing its push-ups ready to attack, Pathways Policy Institute (PPI) was also doing its own push-ups to launch. We are grateful that we achieved all the targets and activities scheduled.

We are keen to assess how our strategy faired, how people and processes adapted and how quality and commitment to PPI clients has helped them respond, recover and thrive under the strain of extraordinary circumstances.

PPI has an opportunity not just to help create awareness in the various counties we work in, but also help re-shape and create a better world …

International Menstrual Day; Periods do not Pause for Pandemics!

This International Menstrual Health Day, Pathways Policy Institute in conjunction with Drawing Dreams Initiative held two pad drives  in Laikipia County; that aimed at educating  the girls and boys on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and at deconstructing the idea that the inclusion of the boy child/men in conversations around reproductive health and menstruation is taboo. #MHM2021

International Women's Day; Ngare Naro Primary School Nyahururu

To fulfil our Cooperate Social Responsibility we engage our #LaikipiaYouthChangeMakers through Menstrual Hygiene Management #MHMClubs in partnership Laikipia County.
We use these platforms to distribute Sanitary products, meaningfully engage different members of the communities and disseminating SRHR information; to ensure that the girls and boys get correct information about their sexuality which informs the decisions they make.

The #Roadtrip4acause; Choices, Bonfires & Condoms!

“♪Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb ♬” … well Mary (from nomadic Laikipia North) needs Sexual reproductive health rights, she needs rescuing from harmful cultural practices i.e FGM and early marriages, she needs sanitary towels, menstrual hygiene management education too. .”

Blowing Fun into Sex!

Using a condom correctly and consistently offers dual protection against unplanned and unwanted pregnancies as well as STIs including HIV. Let us prevent oops! moments by demystifying the use of Condoms so as to encourage adolescents, youth, and all the sexually active people in our communities to use them.

The Building Bridges Initiative

The taskforce main mandate was to evaluate the national challenges outlined in the Joint Communiqué of ‘Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation’, and thereafter, to make practical recommendations and reform proposals that would lead the country in building lasting unity in Kenya; Including matters affecting men, women, and Youths.

To ensure the same, particularly to young people and women, we need to work with them to build their confidence and build their ability to shape their future. Using the Building Bridges Initiative Report (BBI), we can put together feasible plans that will lift the youth by ensuring they are informed on the opportunities that BBI has for them as well as allow them to identify gaps that they feel they were left out.


This submission was prepared by a collective of 14 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are implementing reproductive health care particularly, Reproductive, Maternal, Neo-natal, Child, and Adolescent Health care (RMNCAH) projects at County and National levels.

Impact Of Corona Virus Pandemic on the Laikipia County Economy

Pathways Policy Institute, together with the county government of Laikipia conducted an impact study of Covid on the economy of the county. 88.6% of the respondents reported that their income had changed negatively.

Joint Civil Society Position Paper on adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights during covid 19 pandemic

Youth below 35 years constitute more than three-quarters of Kenya’s population and thus a significant proportion whose well-being is critical to the development of the country;

An Analysis of the Kenya Reproductive Budget During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since devolution, the Government of Kenya has been increasing the National Health budget, despite most of the health roles being devolved. A sneak preview of the last 5 years indicates a steady increment in the budget figures.

Engaging Youth in Participatory Budgeting Processes

The participatory budgeting process is true transparency, as it gives freedom to the public to decide exactly what is to be done with the budget.