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Welcome.. We are Pathways Policy Institute (PPI)

Pathways Policy Institute (PPI) is a community based policy and accountability think tank; Meaningfully Engaging Communities (MEC) on Population, Health, and Environment (PHEs) with the aim of realizing local solutions to Universal Health Coverage through a Primary Health Care (PHC) Lens.

PPI works to provide a safe space for advocates and communities to meaningfully influence Primary health, sexual reproductive health, and environmental policies through research, training, and capacity strengthening. PPI is an independent, non-partisan, and non-religious entity.

Meaningfully Engaging Communities.

Our Awesome Projects

Pathways (PPI) believes that beyond 2020 and as we head to achieving the vision 2030 in Kenya, policy engagement has to shift into new innovative ideas; the future thinking, in which citizens and their leadership use new modalities to develop policies that serve citizens and are primarily housed at the community Level.

IKO Project

IKO; is a Kiswahili Word meaning I KNOW ONE (IKO) is a project that envisions a provider-biased free society; aimed at recognizing and awarding Health care providers.

Civic Education

PPI’s work is centered on increasing the citizen’s voices in governance. This can only work if the citizens are fully empowered through education, to engage with their governments.

Capacity Strengthening

Pathways Policy Institute (PPI) continue to believe that the 2020-2030 decade will be driven by organizations that conduct SMART Advocacy on health governance.

Youth Champion Initiative

PPI launched the Youth Champions Initiative in Laikipia County of adolescents and youths who are passionate about advocacy for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.


PPI believes in the sustainability of its projects and activities through sustainable fundraising from consultancies and working with community volunteers.

TAAC Project

The Advocacy Accountability Collaborative(TAAC) was initiated to ensure advocacy and accountability through the impact of Advocacy work are owned by organizations.


Our Diverse Events

We organize a broad range of Webinars (online events) and Seminars (in-person events held in Kenya).

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