Our Projects

PPI believes that beyond 2020; policy engagement has to shift into new innovative ideas; the future thinking, in which citizens and their leadership use new modalities to reach policies that serve citizens. To this end, PPI launched its IKO Project, an ingenuity idea.

Anti crruption Nakuru

Participatory Arts-Camp Graphic Novel

Pathways, using a participatory approach, is engaging youth in three counties; Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa, to develop a graphic novel. The graphic novel will be used to build youth and alumnus capacity on accountability and to score leaders on key thematic issues- Bribery in the traffic department,Government tenders,Smuggling of illicit drugs/goods among other issues.


Social Accountability.

The 2020-2030 decade is one that focuses more on citizen-led accountability. This encompasses capacity
strengthening for citizens through civic education and supporting their involvement in the participatory process of both social accountability and participatory governance and budgeting. Pathways Policy Institute is on the front line of transformative social responsibility through two of its projects; Timiza Ugatuzi and Participatory Budgeting.


Young Adolescent Program

Young Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health needs continue to take center stage globally. With teenage pregnancies in Kenya increasing to 28% during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent rate of unsafe abortions rising, Pathways Policy Institute through its #Betterboyz school and its #Tupepee2highschool programs has mobilized Young adolescents in 8 schools within Laikipia County…

IKO Project

IKO; is a Kiswahili Word meaning I KNOW ONE (IKO) is a project that envisions a provider-biased free society; aimed at recognizing and awarding Health care providers.


Civic Education

PPI’s work is centered on increasing the citizen’s voices in governance. This can only work if the citizens are fully empowered through education, to engage with their governments. ‘Pathways has been able to deliver civic education through intentional educational initiatives, ensuring that everyday citizens are knowledgeable about democracy and our Constitution.

Capacity Strengthening

Pathways continues to believe that the 2020-2030 decade will be driven by organizations that conduct SMART Advocacy on health governance.

Universal Health Coverage and care will be realized when Civil Society Organizations, together with citizens, identify their key priorities and advocate for the same in
national and sub-national policies.

youth 3

JASIRI Youth Champion Initiative

PPI launched the Youth Champions Initiative in Laikipia County of adolescents and youths who are passionate about advocacy for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.


PPI believes in the sustainability of its projects and activities through sustainable fundraising from consultancies and working with community volunteers.

The Advocacy and Accountability Collaborative (TAAC)

The Advocacy Accountability Collaborative(TAAC) was initiated to ensure advocacy and accountability through the impact of Advocacy work are owned by organizations.