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Pathways Policy Institute Kenya is a Policy and Accountability think tank; Meaningfully Engaging Communities (MEC) on Population, Health, Environment, and Security(PHEs)

Happening now! The lunch of the @IRIGenDem priority map. We are excited for @KasrashviliM to present on the issues that the GenDem board identified as the key for increasing youth civic and political participation.

We have a new video up @DDINITIATIVE Kindly watch & subscribe🥰

Blessed #EidAlFitr #GenerationEquality #Laikipia
@Oayouthkenya @IriseEastAfrica @Muchemiattorney @lewis_ngunyi @UNYouthKenya @NYC_YouthVoice @RoySasaka @SALTOinclusion @PublicPathways

Our inspirator today is @shreycyta 💜She is one wonderful human! A social dev. officer, a humanitarian. Got into community service at a very young age.Thank you for sharing #mentalhealth #emotionalintelligence #talkthursday
#mentalhealthawarenessmonth #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay

Delighted to finally become the newest members of @rh_supplies Coalition;
A group of diverse partners who mobilize their collective strengths to increase access to a full range of #affordable #quality #RH supplies. We bring in the Community engagement Mantra in #supplies!

As the #StopCorruption champions continue with their quest to ensure #Meaningfulcommunityengagement, #Jasiriwamombasa went all out to demand for transperancy and accountability on #KaziMtaani recruitment and #KaziMtaaniWages .
It's time the #Youth became the center of #change.

Join us in congratulating Prof Marleen Temmerman @MamaDaktari who has been appointed as a member of the @rhnkorg Advisory Committee. Prof Marleen is the Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health at AKU

"Horns do not grow before the head". Targeted and gender sensitive investment in support of youth development must precede the optimal contribution of young persons to national socio-economic development #KenyaNiMimi #BuildBackBetter #TheMarchContinues @nadia_abdalla_ @UNFPAKen


@evansy_papito @PublicPathways @nadia_abdalla_ @Kenya_NI_Mimi @rochieng @UnKenya @USAIDKenya @UNFPAKen @UNDPKenya @SWJacksonUN @Walidbadawi @mucheru @OlajideDemola Meaningfully engaging the youths in conversations that matter. Its crucial that they become part of the change they want to see... #VijananaBilaUfisadi #fightcorruption

Today through @PublicPathways, we engaged adolescents & young people from 15-24 years in designing a comic book that addresses corruption issues.
Asante sana senior for the invite @PeterNgure
@USEmbassyKenya @YALINetwork @UNinKENYA @UNICEFKenya @WashFellowship


Empowering adolescents & young people at an early age about good and positive values to shun away corruption and other vices helps them grow with integrity and honesty. This goes along way in re-instilling good values to our youths. @nadia_abdalla_ @Kenya_NI_Mimi

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