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Pathways Policy Institute Kenya is a Policy and Accountability think tank; Meaningfully Engaging Communities (MEC) on Population, Health, Environment, and Security(PHEs)

As Counties continue finalizing their #CIDP. We have been thinking how to #Ringfence funding for #health as a way of increasing #Domesticfinancing for #Familyplanning. Facility Improvement Fund #FIF when anchored in law ensures #Health is resourced.

Global HIV response is in danger, even as #HIV remains a major public health issue that affects millions of people. Over the last few years progress towards HIV goals has stalled, resources have shrunk, and millions of lives are at risk! Lets #EQUALIZE #AIDS_Day22

#TimizaNgobit was a project conceived to support the residents push for #Commitments by @LaikipiaCountyG and then follow thro with 7 #SocialAuditors from the #Community. Laikipia CSO Forum build their #Capacity in #SmartAdvocacy and #ParticipatoryBudgeting leading to the success

On day two of the #ICPD25 Youth Workshop, @Icpd25YouthKE and partners embarked on group sessions focused on;
1. Developing a reporting tool to capture the contributions of the Youth organizations to #ICPD25 and
2. Developing a tracking tool for the ICPD25 commitments. @UNFPAKen


ICPD25 Youth Coalition Workshop Day 1 Machakos County.@NCPD_Kenya in partnership with @UNFPAKen is supporting youth-driven citizen accountability mechanisms through the ICPD25 Youth Coalition,to track and advocate for the implementation of ICPD25 national and county commitments.

Today Marked Day 1 of #ICP25 Youth review and tools development. Thro @Icpd25YouthKE & the #ICPD25YouthCoalition, we are hoping to work on #AcceleratingTheProcess and ensuring #Meaningful engagement of All
@ICPDHub @NCPD_Kenya @theGFF @SamashaUg @FP2030Global @pai_org @UNFPAKen


On Thursday, curtains came down on the 1st phase of #SocialAccoutability advocacy in @LaikipiaCountyG with #TimizaNgobit project. In less than a year, we saw the jump starting of Kiandege Water Project and @Laikipia_health Ngobit Health Center

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