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Pathways Policy Institute Kenya is a Policy and Accountability think tank; Meaningfully Engaging Communities (MEC) on Population, Health, Environment, and Security(PHEs)

Happy #InternationalYouthDay2022. We are proud of the strides youth have done in #Laikipia towards #MeaningfulYouthEngagement. Under the theme “Inter-generational solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages”. We must create Intergenerational spaces for All! #IYD2022Kenya @UNFPAKen


Time for renewed action! #Familyplanning uptake drops in Nyeri county, survey shows
Thanks @pai_org for supporting the revision and @AFPnow for the initial document in 2015.
@rh_supplies @Amref_Kenya @MarieStopesKe @tciurbanhealth @daktari1


Today Nyeri County Department of Health and Stakeholders launched The Reproductive Health & Family Planning strategy. |Insert| NCPD RPC @KitturIrene receives a copy if the strategy from the @HealthNyeri County CEC Health. @DrAbeySheikh

This is a great work @County19Nyeri is doing in reproductive health. This is a pace the other counties should benchmark on by ensuring inclusion for all in reproductive health

Review offers a chance to reflect, which is timely given that the County is now establishing its CIDPs as part of the transition to the third County leadership. @County19Nyeri to priorities #RHFPfinancing #NyeriRHFPLaunch @PublicPathways with support from @pai_org @TAAC_Kenya

Chief Officer Adan, “⁦@County19Nyeri⁩ is, through the #RHFPstrategylaunch, committing to increasing and bettering services for women! ⁦@pai_org⁩ ⁦@PWVentures⁩ ⁦@NCPD_Kenya⁩

Hon. Robert Thuo, @County19Nyeri CECM Health “the department is on course to implementing the #NyeriRHFPstrategy by 2025 and is committed to operationalize the 5 stalled maternity units and a Modern Maternity Unit at the Nyeri Town Center”

Dr. Nelson Muriu, “the #NyeriRHFPstrategy review comes at a key time when we are getting ready for the 3rd generation #CIDP. Let’s challenge ourselves to ensure #Mentorship and #Coaching are invested in as a way to sustaining #SRH capacities”. @CHSKenya @NGO_JOICFP

During the period, @County19Nyeri made tremendous success in ensuring that #RH services Re available in all their sites. They have also managed ti make them #quality as well as #Comprehensive , including having #CHVs at the center of their #PHC plan! #NyeriRHFPstrategy @africa

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