TAAC Project

The Advocacy Accountability Collaborative Project (TAAC)

TAAC was initiated to ensure advocacy and accountability through the impact of Advocacy work are owned by organizations and are bottom top led.

TAACs MISSION is to help organizations and individuals to accelerate collective advocacy efforts globally, nationally, and locally in support of the Family Planning 2020 Goal.

With a lot of progress made in the past 15 years – CSO engagement, capacity and geographical reach and innovations in advocacy science for health – The Advocacy and Accountability Collaborative (TAAC) is missioned to coordinate CSO to re-imagine a multi-constituency local partner-led approach to advocacy and accountability for the benefit of:

  1. Sustaining Gains amidst emerging health challenges
  2. Going to Scale by using advanced knowledge on what works and reducing silos
  3. Building Global Partnerships with more leadership and agenda-setting by LMIC’s experts
  4. Building Capacity and Documenting Results by strengthening knowledge management and cross country sharing.

Meaningfully engaging communities.