TAAC Project

The Advocacy and Accountability Collaborative (TAAC)

Pathways Policy Institute is a member of TAAC, The Advocacy and Accountability Collaborative (TAAC),which was established in 2017.

The Collaborative (TAAC) is intended to serve as a facilitation mechanism for sustainable advocacy approaches to drive progress toward universal access to family planning. Ultimately, TAAC seeks to improve government accountability for family planning and maternal health commodities security through improved national policies, management systems and logistics.
The TAAC's theory of change is based on the significance and role that advocacy has demonstrated over the past ten years and aims to assist organizations and people at the international, national, and local levels in achieving important family planning milestones and goals that are aligned under three strategic aims:
1. Expand the network of effective FP advocates through the diffusion of SMART advocacy
2. Provide strategic and technical inputs to strengthen advocacy efforts and prioritize
opportunities with the greatest potential for impact.
3. Strengthen platforms at regional and country levels for advocacy strategy development.

Meaningfully engaging communities.